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Why You Should Do Your Holiday Shopping at the Airport

Branching out for Christmas 

Tend to leave your holiday shopping to the last minute? The airport might actually have everything you need.

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Use eco4life 8" Smart Rotating Picture Frame to Display Multiple Photos in Your Home

A Simple & Clean Digital Picture Frame


Sometimes, one photo frame just isn’t enough to capture all of the fun times people have with their friends and family. Instead of cluttering up your apartment or taking the time to print multiple photos, you can simply upload your favorite pics to eco4life's Smart Frame for a quick and easy slideshow display. This classy gadget has a sleek finish and includes a high-resolution 1280*800 IPS HD Panel (aspect ratio 16:10) with a touch screen that allows you to set up the frame easily and view the photos enjoyably. The digital picture frame can also be placed in portrait or landscape mode!

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