Electrical Power Products

Turn your devices on and off with a simple tap or by asking Siri.

* WiFi outlets surge protector

* Independently control from anywhere

* AC and USB ports output

* No hub required

* Works with Alexa Echo & Google assistant.


Wi-Fi Single Plug Outlet

Smart wireless outlet plug. Remote access and control. No hub required. Voice command works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Set schedules. Scene setting.


Wi-Fi Dual Smart Plug

eco4life WiFi Dual Smart Plug. 2 Outlet Extenders with 2 USB Charging Port. Work with Alexa Google Home. No Hub Required (2 Outlets,2 USB Ports). ETL Certificate.

Wireless Wall Tap Smart Plug

Wireless Wall Tap Smart Plug. Surge Protector. 4 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports. Compatible with Alexa Google Assistant. No Hub Required (4 Outlets,4 USB Ports). ETL Certification.

WiFi Smart Power Surge Protector 

eco4life Wireless Smart Power Strip with Surge protection. Compatible with Alexa Google Home. No Hub required. Controlled by eco4life app

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Outdoor WIFI Smart Plug

With  eco4life Smart WIFI Outdoor Plug, you can be easy to control any out electronics devices by your smart phone anywhere. Enjoy the convenient and fun life from smart technology.