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8" Smart Rotating Picture Frames


High resolution 1280*800 IPS HD Panel (aspect ratio 16:10) with touch screen allows you to set up the frame easily and view the photos enjoyably. The digital picture frame can also be placed in portrait or landscape mode.

The NEW 8" Wi-Fi Photo Frame will Auto-Rotate between Landscape and Portrait depending on the content you are displaying.


A young woman in a hijab is displayed on the digital photo frame.

Ultra HD IPS Display 

Ultra HD IPS Display and Touch Screen. Your pictures and videos will be displayed clearly and vibrant on true digital IPS LCD display.

Share Photos

Share photos and videos from your phone to your frame any time anywhere.

A phone is uploading pictures to the digital photo frame.
An old woman is showing a picture of an old man to her dog.

Large Storage

Built-In 16G memory. SD card / USB support.


Auto-Rotate pictures between Portrait and Landscape.


Great product! I highly recommend to anyone who has alot of family photos and wants to share them in an organized manner. This product does a great job of showing them and I highly recommend it to anyone in need. 10/10 for me!

— Tate Jensen, United States

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