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A picture frame is depicting an elderly couple in Autumn clothing are smiling alongside their granddaughter



WiFi Digital Metal Photo Frame

with Photos/Videos sharing

A picture frame is displaying a group of children having a birthday party.

10.1 inch HD IPS Display

10.1 inch touch screen with 1280x800 resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio and wide angle, your pictures will be displayed clearly and vibrant on a true Ultra HD IPS LCD display. The touch screen allows you to easily set up the frame and manage pictures and videos in your frame.

Wireless Photo and video Sharing

share photos and video clips (up to 60s) from your phone to your frame anytime and anywhere as long as you have a mobile internet connection. The photos can be displayed in slide show, also support videos and pictures with background music from local files.

A hand holding a phone is sending a picture to the digital photo frame using the eco4life app. The picture frame is displaying 3 children hugging and smiling towards the camera.
Christmas presents and a Christmas tree's branch are around a photo frame. The photo frame is displaying a family of four celebrating Christmas.

Elegant Metal Frame & Great Gift Idea

Great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Wedding ceremony, Valentine's Day, Grad Day, Christmas, and other holidays, always stay connecting with your loved family members and friends.

New & Improved software

user Friendly interface, fantastic dynamic wallpaper slideshow, beautiful clock, new gallery with a transparent background.

Six different digital clocks are arranged in a column of two. The first displays a modern living room, the second is displaying a bridge during night time, the third a industrial city, the fourth is displaying a lake with mountains behind it, the fifth displays a river with a green forest on its sides, the final one is displaying a young couple giving each other nose kisses in the winter.
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