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21.5inch Canvas WiFi Photo Frame

Bring the images to life, an anti-glare IPS screen to capture every detail of your favorite photos

Design for any space, living room, office, museum... so you can explore and display what you love in lifelike detail.

living room 2.jpg

Art & Photo Display

Display what's distinctly you, from cherished memories to favorite artworks you've downloaded. The eco4life art display is a stylish digital canvas that brings entire art collections and photo albums to your wall!

Keep Every

Play, update, share, or customize, the intuitive eco4life wifi photo frame and app does it all, easily

app send2.jpg

Instantly Display Your Best Photos & Video Clips

Use the eco4life app from anywhere and easily link

favorite phone albums , then sit back to instantly

view even the newest moments

Different Everday, curate your photos into personalized playlists


Eyes Protection 
Anti-glare Screen

HD visual enjoyment, restore full 256 gray scaleetails more clear  "original " reproduction, full dark details


Large Local Memory

32GB internal large capacity memory,

Massive photos storage


Direction Switching 
You can freely rotate horizontal and vertical screen according to the scene


Dark light environment automatically dims

Bright light environment automatically brightens

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