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Control from anywhere with your smart device using our free app. Change to any color or choose a color temperature. Set the timer/schedule of your smart bulb on/off. 

Control groups of lights in scenes to instantly set the tone for any event.


Voice Command

Control your smart bulb via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Voice. Just give a voice command to turn on/off or dim/brighten.

Remote Control

Turn on/off home light from anywhere, customize your home light color. Set up timer or scenes.


Energy Saver

With LED technology, this bulb will save up to 60% energy consumption compared with the ordinary bulb. Save your electricity bill with the most comfortable lights.



Aiken Joren, Amazon

had this bulb working in less than 5 minutes with the eco4life app. my Alexa automatically detected it and added it to my Alexa-controlled devices. i think the problem with some people having problems setting this up is the fact that it only sets up with the app with a 2.4G (not a 4G or 5G) wifi connection. other than that everything is a snap.

Christina, Amazon

Absolutely love it them it's so convenient you control your lights with your voice control your TV with your voice but this is specifically about the lights it's wonderful and it's so much fun and you can change colors and dim the lights and do so many things with them and just wonderful and fun and very easy to install 10 is 6 wonderful

Wade Stewart, Amazon

I recently purchased this product after studying different features from other manufacturers. This product was very easy to set up and configure, remarkably bright for being so feature-rich and a great value for all the features and product quality. I was looking for something easy to set up that was dimmable and this product delivered! I'll be purchasing more Eco4Life products!

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